Kanye West Shares The Life Of Pablo Credits

When Kanye West shared the stream of his new album The Life Of Pablo early on Sunday morning, it came with minimal information on the album. If you went into the “song info” feature on the Tidal stream, you could learn a bit about which producers worked on which tracks, but you didn’t get the full picture of how many people worked on each of these tracks or what songs they sampled. We now know all that.

West has shared the full credits for the album on his website, and there’s plenty to pick through on it. For instance: Part of the album was recorded at the Weeknd’s apartment! Chance The Rapper was a writer on “Waves”! The “Jumpman” bite on “FACTS” is so egregious that both Drake and Future get songwriting credits, and Drake also co-wrote “30 Hours“! Mobb Deep’s “Havoc” co-produced “Famous” with West! French Montana, not West, is the other voice on “Silver Surfer Intermission”! West’s kids North and Saint are listed as Creative Consultants! Dig through the whole thing yourself right here, and check out our feature on some of the lesser-known participants.

And in other Kanye news — that’s why you come to us, right? — Page Six reports that West had a huge meltdown backstage at SNL, threatening to walk off the show right before it was scheduled to start because he didn’t like the stage setup. Both Lorne Michaels and Kim Kardashian had to convince him to go through with his performance.

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