Nicole Dollanganger – “Have You Seen Me?”

The Grimes-approved Canadian singer-songwriter Nicole Dollanganger released a hell of a record last fall in Natural Born Losers. She’s been quiet in 2016 so far, but she breaks that silence in a major way today with her new one-off “Have You Seen Me?” Dollanganger creates a wonderfully dissonant tension on this excursion in several ways. Her lyrics are harrowing, eerie, and piercing, though her delivery is wispy and dreamy. She almost whispers, “Do you like me when i have no face?/ Hog tied and bound by black duct tape?/ I told him that I cannot breathe/ He said I want you to scream for me,” numbing the impact of the dark, dreary storytelling. Her vocals almost drown in the hefty gravity of the fuzz and the rumble of the drums until they come up for air for stripped sections with only guitar and atmospheric sweeps. Listen.

Natural Born Losers is out now via Grimes’ Eerie Organization.