Har Mar Superstar – “Youth Without Love” (Prod. Julian Casablancas)

Sean Matthew’s Tillman’s jokey Har Mar Superstar project will release a new album, Best Summer Ever this year, which was produced by the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas. The lead single, “Youth Without Love,” was also written by Casablancas, and it’s undeniably corny while still holding up well on its own as an actual song. The album will be put out on Cult Records, and features Karen O on a track. Listen to “Youth Without Love” via Pitchfork now.

01 “I Hope”
02 “Youth Without Love”
03 “Anybody’s Game”
04 “How Did I Get Through The Day”
05 “Haircut” (Feat. Karen O)
06 “It Was Only Dancing (Sex)”
07 “Don’t Erase”
08 “My Radiator”
09 “Famous Last Words”
10 “Confidence”

Best Summer Ever is out later this year via Cult.