Bat For Lashes – “I Do”

Bat For Lashes – “I Do”

Bat For Lashes back! Last year, Natasha Khan teamed up with the band TOY to form a new conceptual project called Sexwitch and to release a self-titled album. But Khan hasn’t made a proper Bat For Lashes album since The Haunted Man in 2012. This morning, Khan released a new Bat For Lashes song, a simple and stunning two-minute ballad called “I Do.” And the song’s artwork is a save-the-date card, like one you’d get for a wedding, that includes the script “til death do us part” and the date 7/1. So: New Bat For Lashes album called Til Death Do Us Part coming this summer? We hope? Listen to the song below.

Let’s all cross our fingers for a marriage-themed Bat For Lashes concept album. I can’t see any way that wouldn’t be awesome.

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