Donald Trump Shares Memories Of Michael Jackson

It’s weird to think that Donald Trump, who we all now know as a terrifying xenophobic shitface and the possible next President of the United States of America, was ever friends with Michael Jackson. But the world is a funny place, and famous people tend to group together in odd and unpredictable ways. Yesterday — the same day that he called the Pope “disgraceful” — Trump took part in a CNN Town Hall meeting with other Republican presidential candidates. At one point during his sit-down, Anderson Cooper asked Trump what kind of music he likes. And as Gawker points out, Trump named some unsurprising usual suspects — Elton John, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles — before launching into a brief personal story about his friendship with Jackson. He talked about Jackson living in Trump Tower and disappearing into his apartment for a week after getting married, and he described Jackson as a talented artist who lost his confidence after bad plastic surgery. Watch Trump talking about Jackson below.

Is it just me, or is this the most human Trump has ever sounded? It’s a shame he’s not running for “Guy Who Talks About Michael Jackson-In-Chief.”