Watch Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis Demo New Song “The Hills Have It”

Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis has shared a video of her playing a demo of a new song called “The Hills Have It.” It looks like the last time she did this was back in 2013 for “Shine Theory,” and we know how great that one turned out, so it’s very promising! Dupuis also recently-ish shared a demo for Christmas called “Krampus (In Love).” Watch and check out the lyrics below.


i’m your shadow. you think you know anger but i bet you don’t wake up 5 am quaking with hate, a vice around your lungs. hold me for now, badly and sadly. make like we’re pals. pucker for you cuz you always treat me bad. cutting off my circulation while you say how great i am. i’m your shadow. now cut me loose. i never broke a single rule. i’m 27 minutes from you. ask me if i’m coming home so many times, eventually i won’t. but i’m your shadow. hold me for now.

Speedy Ortiz’s most recent album, Foil Deer, is out now via Carpark.