Straight To Video

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Just sitting down to write this intro right now, I noticed that almost all of the videos I’ve picked for this week’s list are, in one way or another, suffocatingly dark. Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s picks are below.

5. Big Ups – “National Parks” (Dir. Robert Kolodny)

We should all try ballet-dancing to intense, emotive post-hardcore in our everyday lives. It looks fun! We should probably avoid plunging our faces through glass, though.

4. Aesop Rock – “Rings” (Dir. Rob Shaw)

I like the idea that Aesop Rock has a mid-’90s Tool video playing out inside his skull at all times.

3. FKA twigs – “Good To Love” (Dir. FKA twigs & Imma)

FKA twigs videos are usually high-concept experimental filmmaking, but this one is straight-up early-’90s VH1, except with better posing and better facial jewelry. She’s good at that style, too.

2. Baauer – “Day Once” (Feat. Novelist & Leikeli47) (Dir. FKA twigs & Imma)

As someone who’s never seen a Broadway play, I’m assuming that this is what Hamilton is like. Please don’t correct me.

1. Bleached – “Wednesday Night Melody” (Dir. Gil Kenan)

This leaves me wondering how many of the DIY shows I’ve been to were Weekend At Bernie’s situations. All of them?