Meatbodies – “Valley Girl”

LA garage rockers and Band To Watch alums Meatbodies killed their self-titled debut a couple years ago. They’ve been relatively quiet since then, playing several shows and festivals, but they’re back today with a new offering. “Valley Girl” is the A-side of their upcoming 7″ due later this spring. It’s a groove-heavy song with an infectious surf-y guitar intertwining with rhythmic bass and quick, intricate drum transitions. The lyrics detail the story of a valley girl, but they take a back seat to the instrumentation as the grooves have plenty of room to breathe and repeat. The band basically jams out for almost four minutes with short, melodic lyrical bursts to punctuate the action. There’s also some high-pitched, whistling feedback at the end that’s incredible. Meatbodies continue to impress. Listen.

The “Valley Girl” b/w “Hibernation” 7″ is out 3/25 on Famous Class/LAMC. Pre-order is available on limited ficus green vinyl here.

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