Watch Stephen Colbert Sing “Blister In The Sun” With The Violent Femmes

Milwaukee dork-rock legends Violent Femmes are about to return with We Can Do Anything, their first album in 16 years. And last night, they were musical guests on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, doing a loose, fun rendition of their new single “Memory,” their drummer playing all his parts in brushes on a charcoal barbecue grill. But their best moment last night wasn’t on the air; it was an online bonus. The band played their 1983 single “Blister In The Sun,” arguably their single greatest contribution to culture. (I’d personally ride harder for “Add It Up,” but the masses have spoken.) And Colbert, a Femmes fan from way back, joined in on the song’s whispered breakdown and its final chorus. The end result is something really, really fun to watch. Check it out below.

We Can Do Anything is out 3/4.