theMIND – “Mercury Rising” (Feat. Donnie Trumpet & Sylvie Grace) Video

With lines like “Whoever said the sky was the limit wasn’t living where I was living,” it’s not easy to ignore the melancholy undertones in Chicago rapper theMIND’s Donnie Trumpet/Sylvie Grace collab “Mercury Rising.” However, narration created by Colm Dillane and KidSuper’s new video enhances the meaning in the song’s lyrics as well as its melody. Here, claymation protagonists are seen transcending their surroundings, a brightly colored and aptly chaotic collage of urban blight. Meanwhile, the song’s windy atmosphere and poignantly sparse high end grant the viewer a sense of aloneness, and subsequent empathy. Still, as the two characters join together to float above Earth’s atmosphere, the almost-uplifting string section tells us they may have found hope in the face of a silent and uncertain universe. Watch below.