Whoops, Bruce Springsteen Shouted Out Pittsburgh At Last Night’s Cleveland Show

Thanks to This Is Spinal Tap, “Hello Cleveland!” has become the go-to cliché for famous musicians addressing their audiences. So it’s the one city you’d think every rock star properly identify. When you’re not sure where you are, “Hello Cleveland!” has got to be the default, right? But touring is an exhausting business, and the nation’s arenas are more or less indistinguishable, so cut Bruce Springsteen some slack for shouting out Pittsburgh last night in Cleveland. But also laugh your ass off because he could not have picked a worse municipality to name-check in Cleveland. Because the Steelers have spent the past several decades giving the Browns a never-ending wedgie, the Pittsburgh hate runs deep on the North Coast. It’s alright, though; Springsteen corrected himself real quick, perhaps fearing retribution from the Dawg Pound. Hear the Boss flub his greeting below.