Watch Miguel Sing “Waves,” Talk Middle-School Awkwardness On James Corden

There have been a few different versions, lately, of Miguel’s recent single “Waves.” There’s the moody, sensualist version on his excellent 2015 album Wildheart. There’s the trap-style remix that Miguel did with Travis Scott; that one already has a video, and Miguel and Scott have performed it on Ellen. And now there’s the one he sang on James Corden’s Late Late Show last night, a weird but effective rock rave-up. Miguel sang it with dancers milling around randomly behind it, and he almost collided with a skateboarder at one point. But it’s another chance to see just what a monster of a performer Miguel is. Miguel also did one of those weird standing-by-the-bar interview segments with Corden, talking about how he was too shy to talk to girls as a kid and proposing to his longtime girlfriend. Watch the performance and the interview below.

Wildheart is out now on RCA, and Miguel has a new all-star remix EP coming out tomorrow.