M.I.A. – “Boom ADD”

Last year, M.I.A. started teasing a new project called Matahdatah and released videos for the tracks “Broader Than A Border” and “Borders.” We’re still waiting on more news about that, but this morning, as SPIN points out, M.I.A. dropped a new track. “Boom ADD” is a fun, catchy track with some serious things roiling inside it. The track, and the sample that opens it, both reference the NFL’s lawsuit against M.I.A. after she flipped the bird during Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl performance. (She settled that suit last year.) It also, like her other recent tracks, makes reference to the experience of being a brown-skinned immigrant in a country like America. It’s a great song, and you can hear it below.

So: New album, please?

UPDATE: It turns out that this is an expanded version of “Boom Skit,” an interstitial from M.I.A.’s 2013 album Matangi. I really should’ve remembered that.

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