Twin Peaks – “Walk To The One You Love” Video

Chicago rockers Twin Peaks have a new album called Down In Heaven coming out later this year, and they’ve just unveiled their video for the first single, the amiable choogler “Walk To The One You Love.” For this one, director Ryan Ohm has put together a long, elaborate tracking shot that never breaks. It follows a number of people around a single Chicago neighborhood, stealing a trick from Richard Linklater’s Slacker where the camera drifts from one passerby to the next. In this one, we mostly see people’s feet walking, and the band cast all their friends. Check it out below and read a statement about it from frontman Cadien Lake James.

James writes:

When Ryan [Ohm, director], Jackson [James, director of photography], and I began to tackle coming up with a concept for the video, we started with a few simple ideas (moving feet, odd settings), playing with the idea of overlapping them. As we continued to flesh it out, we realized we could unite them fluidly while also challenging ourselves to do something new for us (both the artist and the filmmakers) by doing a one-shot video with feet leading you between these different scenes. Ryan and Jackson did some scouting and we landed on a stretch of Ravenswood St. here at home in Chicago where there would be enough variation in setting to keep a one shot video visually grabbing; abandoned house, sidewalk, viaduct, stretch of fence, an alley underneath the elevated train. It was fun casting a video with friends and doing a video where the band wasn’t the center of attention, it felt more like a making a piece of art from our end of things. We made it in an afternoon, everyone pulling their weight and executing well together. It was a lot of fun and a very gratifying experience!

Down In Heaven is out 5/13 on Grand Jury.