Animal Collective Once Turned Down Scoring Bradley Cooper Movie Limitless

Animal Collective almost scored the 2011 Bradley Cooper thriller Limitless. Geologist revealed the news in a Reddit AMA today when asked if the band might ever work on a film or another visual project like 2010’s ODDSAC:

Hi Geo here…We’d love to, but nothing planned right now. I think scoring a film would be great. We wanted to do some sound design for Danny’s [Perez, ODDSAC director] new film Antibirth but timing made it tough. There might be some stuff in there that we sent him but I’m not sure. I haven’t seen the final version yet. We got asked to do some music for that movie Limitless while they were filming it, but when we talked to the director he just wanted something that sounded like an instrumental version of “Summertime Clothes” which we weren’t very excited about doing. We also did a song and some sound design for an add-on for Red Dead Redemption, but it got rejected.

Two Bob’s Burgers writers once reviewed Limitless for Videogum (RIP) based solely on its title. They liked it!