Låpsley – “Cliff”

Holly Fletcher’s output as Låpsley works in a circuitous sort of melancholy; she digs into a feeling and doesn’t let go. In the case of “Station” — still her best song — it was the sort of quiet despair you get knowing an insular moment in time is already over before it happens. “Cliff,” the latest single from her debut album Long Way Home, follows the same pattern of gloom. “[The song] is a metaphor which represents the feeling of distance between two people and the gradual self destruction of an individual in a relationship,” Fletcher explained in a press release. “I walk close to the edge with this boy without a name/ I try to save him,” she desponds, and with each iteration she pitches her voice deeper until it sounds like there’s nothing left to save. Listen below.

Long Way Home is out 3/4 via XL.

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