The Big Pink – “Decoy”

London duo turned trio the Big Pink are in full promo mode leading up to their Empire Underground EP. They’ve unleashed the stellar singles “Hightimes” and “Beautiful Criminal” and given the former the visual treatment.

Today, they come with their latest offering “Decoy.” Fuzzy bass and rhythmic drums anchor the humongous, bright electric guitar floating energetically above. A reverbed harmony slashes through the surrounding sonics leading up to the penetrating, huge hook which begins “Show me your half/ Do you believe in me?/ The way I believed in you?” The song explores that place of ambivalence where you’re not sure if searching for love or maintaining friendships is worth it because it’s so difficult to find someone who reciprocates the way we want them too. The hook continues “Am I better off alone?” But they come with the understated, but definitive and hopeful answer “That’s just a decoy.” Check it out.

The Empire Underground EP is out 3/4 on B3SCI.

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