Clips Of Alleged Frank Ocean Album Listening Session Leak

Remember last summer when we all thought Frank Ocean’s new album was imminent? What a simpler time! The only Ocean material we’ve gotten since then is some crooning on the outro of Kanye’s “Wolves,” but at least we know he’s alive since he was at MSG for The Life Of Pablo’s debut.

It looks like things could maybe start to be happening though! As with all things Ocean-concerned, take this all with a grain of salt, but rumor has it that a secret listening party happened somewhere in the world last night, and some audio appears to have leaked from it. Listen to the alleged new material at Complex, and get excited but also don’t get your hopes up! It’s probably not gonna happen any time soon.

UPDATE: Well, maybe not a listening session, but at least we know there are some new Frank Ocean songs in the world…

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