Lushlife – “The Waking World” (Feat. I Break Horses) Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Last month, Lushlife, the visionary Philadelphia rapper and producer, released the fascinating, knotty, guest-heavy LP Ritualize, and you should really hear it if you haven’t. One of the album’s highlights is “Waking World,” on which Lush teams with Swedish shoegaze group I Break Horses, a combination that shouldn’t make sense and totally does anyway. In its new video, we see Lush’s face and silhouette imposed over ancient, artfully edited footage. Below, you can watch the video and read some words about it from Lushlife and director Andrew Adair. And also below, you can hear a new house-inflected “Waking World” remix from CSLSX, the beatmaking trio who put the album together with Lushlife.

Adair says:

Feelings of rebellion and disconnection are reflected in the counterpoint between static landscapes and the kinetic energy of Lushlife’s rhymes. In the song’s second act, we are lifted to the cosmos as anger gives way to elation and Lushlife and I Break Horses bring us to a heavenly climax in the stars.

Meanwhile, Lushlife says:

On the one hand, this joint is sort of an impressionistic take on the events surrounding John Lennon’s assassination, but CSLSX’s frenetic loud-to-soft production betrays something more cosmic. With its seamless intermingling of found footage surrounding the event (Mark David Chapman, The Dakota Building, Catcher in the Rye etc.) alongside galactic performance footage, the visuals help project everything this song is about.

And here’s that remix:

Ritualize is out now on Western Vinyl.