Nicholas Krgovich – “Mountain Of Song”

Nicolas Krgovich’s debut album is out in a few days. We’ve already heard a bunch of songs from the thing, including “Backlot Detail,” “The Place Goes Quiet,” “Sunset Tower,” and “Written In the Wind,” and before its release the Vancouver musician has decided to share another one. This one’s called “Mountain Of Song.” Here’s what Krgovich told GoldFlakePaint about the track:

I’m sitting at a restaurant right now or else I’d look up the exact date(s) that I wrote this song. I think I started it in November 2010 in my friend Phil’s shed in Anacortes and finished it in September 2012 in South Pasadena. That seems right. I had to wrestle this one out of the gate but then it started to co-operate once I got the lyric sheet happening. The music was written the same day that I made City of Night. But the lyrics and top line happened years later. Which is unusual most times the two roll along together. I hope Roddy Frame doesn’t sue me for lifting one of his melodies in the outro.

Listen below.

The Hills is out 3/4 via Tin Angel Records.