Rick Ross Indicted For Pistol Whipping His Groundskeeper

Remember when Rick Ross was arrested for pistol whipping his groundskeeper last summer? It’s probably the most street credible thing he’s done in his career, but he might get in some big trouble for it. Ross has been out on bail after spending a week in jail. According to TMZ things have recently become very real as a grand jury handed him several charges last week including: kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm while committing a crime, among others.

Ross’ attorney, Steve Sadow, plans on using a self-defense strategy, claiming that the groundskeeper he allegedly assaulted was committing felonies on Ross’ property. Sadow alleges that the groundskeeper was partying with cocaine and drug paraphernalia in the guest house of Ross’ Georgia estate. If these allegations are true, or at least if the jury is convinced they are, Ross was within his legal rights to pistol whip the man. If the gun is registered properly, Ross could be cleared of all charges. What a wild case.

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