No, Foo Fighters Are Not Breaking Up

For the past few days, rumors of a Foo Fighters breakup have been swirling around the internet. Yesterday, they announced on Twitter that they would be making an “official band announcement” tonight, presumably regarding the future of the band. As it turns out, said “official band announcement” is an amusing seven-minute joke video showing Dave Grohl attempting to go solo while the rest of the band complain about him and search for a replacement. (They eventually settle on Nick Lachey.) “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up. And nobody’s going fucking solo,” a message at the end of the clip proclaims. Watch below.

This is hysterical. I'm honored to be mentioned, but there's only one schmalz-master, and that's D-G. Love, WPC

Posted by The Smashing Pumpkins on Wednesday, March 2, 2016