Watch Santigold’s Fun, Ridiculous Tonight Show Performance

Santigold isn’t really known for out-of-control showmanship, but she really found a fun way to turn her performance on last night’s Tonight Show into something special. She was on the show to perform her narcissism anthem “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself,” and before she performed, Jimmy Fallon spent some serious time endorsing its interactive video. On that stage, she wore a shirt with a gigantic image of her own face, complete with unruly hair-mop. She busted out choreographed dances with her backup singers. And she anchored a bright-white visual aesthetic that went all the way down to her band’s matching outfits. I don’t know why more people don’t do things like this; it’s a sure way to make your late-night performance into something worth watching the next morning. Check it out below.

Santigold’s new album 99¢ is out now on Atlantic.