Stream Sheer Mag III EP

Stream Sheer Mag III EP

Well, here’s a nice surprise! The Philly band Sheer Mag, who sound like Thin Lizzy if Thin Lizzy were DIY basement punks, have a brand-new EP out right now. Last month, the band shared a kickass new song called “Can’t Stop Fighting,” and that song is the first of four on their new 7″ III. Sheer Mag released their first two EPs on Bandcamp in similar fashion, but that was before they racked up the sort of buzz that has them playing Coachella next month, so it’s cool to see them sticking to what brought them here. The EP is as raw and hooky as we’d hope from this band. And they’ve also made a grainy, low-budget video for the new song “Nobody’s Baby” with director Nancy Shirley. Stream the new EP and watch the video below.

III is out now, and you can buy it at Sheer Mag’s Bandcamp.

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