Turnover – “Change Irreversible”

Virginia Beach quartet Turnover shared the A-side of their “Humblest Pleasures” b/w “Change Irreversible” 7″ a couple weeks ago, and it could have easily made their distortion-soaked sophomore album Peripheral Vision. The B-side, “Change Irreversible,” is a departure, perhaps hinting at a transition toward something new on their next full-length. The guitars are pure, untouched except for the slightest bit of reverb with the space to ring out to the stratosphere. The lyrics nestle in down bottom, opposing the lofty, rapturous guitars for a great unresolved tension. Listen.

Turnover’s “Humblest Pleasures” b/w “Change Irreversible 7?/Digital EP is out now Run For Cover/Memory Music.

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