Stream REIGHNBEAU Blood (Stereogum Premiere)

REIGHNBEAU is the project of Albuquerque-based artist Bryce Hample plus his friends and frequent collaborators Colleen Johnson and Madeline Johnston. They make a wonderfully discordant brand of R&B-leaning electro with off-time-on-purpose rhythms that are hard to grasp like water in the palm of your hand. But that elusiveness makes their tracks impossible to sit still to or disengage.

Their latest album, Blood, has that dissonance all over it. The boldness of the controlled cacophony is a lot to take in at times, but REIGHNBEAU knows that and tempers the energy and chaos well. Opener “Milk Amnesia” and followup “Equinox” kick things off with chill vibes anchored in the R&B, but the album becomes progressively more adventurous as synths, ambient sweeps, resounding snaps and vocals chopped to serve more as instruments churn together for off-kilter grooves. Many artists say they experiment, but to say REIGHNBEAU merely experiments is a criminal understatement. Stream Blood below and see for yourself.

Blood is out 3/11.