Watch Courtney Love Cover PJ Harvey In San Francisco

They both hit their creative peaks around the same time, and they were both mentioned in any number of execrable early-’90s women-in-rock trend pieces. But Courtney Love and Polly Jean Harvey have never had that much to do with each other. Back in the day, they didn’t even seem especially aware of one another. And yet, as Pitchfork reports, Love took on one of Harvey’s most iconic songs.

Last night, Love and composer/playwright Todd Almond held a live chat at San Francisco’s Curran Theatre. During the conversation, Love and Almond both talked about how much they love Harvey. And then, using a sole piano as accompaniment, Love covered “To Bring You My Love,” the title track from Harvey’s beyond-classic 1995 album. Love’s cover was rough but impassioned, and you can watch a fan-made video of it below.

During the same live chat, Love and Almond also did songs from their 2015 “opera” Kansas City Choir Boy.