Alex G – “Mud” Video

Philadelphia DIY pop auteur Alex G dropped his proper indie label debut, Beach Music, last fall. It was technically his seventh album, and it played as such. There was a certain comfort to that collection of songs, but also the confidence to push things a bit further. Today, he revisits the album with a video for it’s tenth track, “Mud.” The track is a stripped, earthy plea with nothing but light guitar strums and Alex’s voice to build something beautiful. The clip, directed by Alex and Colin Acchione, matches those qualities. It’s simply Alex and a lady friend meandering through the woods having fun. They eat leaves, do crazy dances, and crack jokes contrasted against shaky, sped up shots of city lights and skylines. The juxtaposition of those differing scenes reinforces the bareness of the song for a soothing effect. Watch.

Beach Music is out now on Domino.