Bleached – “Sour Candy”

The California garage-punk trio Bleached are going to drop their sophomore album Welcome The Worms next month, and we’ve already posted their videos for “Keep On Keepin’ On” and “Wednesday Night Melody.” But if you’re looking for a quick intro to the band’s whole aesthetic, I would heartily recommend hitting play on “Sour Candy,” this big, chunky, catchy-as-hell song below. “Sour Candy” opens with bong ripples and a muscle-car engine starting, and that should give you some idea of what follows. It’s all-fun-all-the-time music, with big, driving guitars and new-wave keyboard doodles and effortlessly tough juvenile-delinquent Ramones-style vocals. Check it out below; it’s a good one.

Welcome The Worms is out 4/1 on Dead Oceans.

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