Stream Cullen Omori New Misery (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Cullen Omori New Misery (Stereogum Premiere)

Former Smith Westerns frontman Cullen Omori is set to release his debut solo album New Misery next week. Following the breakup of his band, Omori feared that he would fail if he were to venture into solo work, but by directly challenging this apprehension, he ended up creating a sparkling solo debut. With its romantic melodies, delicate lyrics, and dreamy sounds, New Misery radiates the warmth of a spring day and the enamored freshness of a new love.

As the album explores Omori’s anxieties, it creates a lingering taste of bittersweetness entwined with the album’s confection. The result is an intricate work that gives insight into his self-awareness and creative growth. In songs like “And Yet The World Still Turns” and “Synthetic Romance,” Omori’s pristine voice shimmers over elaborate synths and profound keys, capturing his developed pop sound. Meanwhile, songs like “LOM” and “No Big Deal” feature a danceable guitar that bleeds and blends, creating impressive, twinkling rhythms. Though the album’s title track explores Omori’s fears about the complexities of success, New Misery proves that he is on his way to a stable career. Stream the whole album below.

New Misery is out 3/18 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

Cullen Omori
CREDIT: Alexa Lopez

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