tUnE-yArDs Soundtracks Google Doodle For International Women’s Day

tUnE-yArDs Soundtracks Google Doodle For International Women’s Day

Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs soundtracked a Google Doodle celebrating International Women’s Day. In the video, a bunch of women from around the world are asked to fill in the blank in the aspirational statement: “One day I will ________.” The answers vary depending on age and location and the video is heartwarming enough to distract you from the fact that gender equality is still an elusive concept to many in 2016. Read the statement about #OneDayIWill and check out the video below

#OneDayIWill: On International Women’s Day, share your aspiration with the world

Over the years, Doodles have commemorated the achievements of women in science, civil rights, journalism, sports, arts, technology and beyond. It’s always an honor to pay tribute to women who have changed the course of history, sometimes in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But for this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the Doodle-worthy women of the future. So we gathered our cameras and pencils and visited 13 countries where we spoke to 337 women and girls and asked them to complete the sentence, “One day I will…”

From toddlers to grandmothers, the women in San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Lagos, Moscow, Cairo, Berlin, London, Paris, Jakarta, Bangkok, New Delhi and Tokyo all sparkled with personality. Each new city brought more “One day I will”s, more signature dance moves, more hugs, more high-fives. The aspirations we heard were as varied as the women and girls who shared them, from the very personal—swim with pigs in the Bahamas—to the very global—give a voice to those who can’t speak—and everything in between. When it was done, we found that our own “One day I will…”s had grown bigger and richer, inspired by the women we had met.

Even women who are already accomplished aren’t done dreaming. Jane Goodall shared her hope to one day discuss the environment with the Pope, while Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai and activist Muzoon Almellehan continue to work fearlessly toward a future where every girl can go to school.

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