School Of Seven Bells – “On My Heart” Video

School Of Seven Bells offered an excellent, heartfelt farewell with SVIIB. Alejandra Deheza knew it would be their last album following the death of principle member Benjamin Curtis. The album was evocative in many aspects, but with those grave emotions shading it, the songs had an even further emotional reach.

One of the standout tracks was “On My Heart.” Today, they gave that song a touching set of visuals. Deheza plays the epitome of hard to get as she frantically eludes a suitor. She runs through streets to the outskirts of the city through hilly terrain, until he finally catches her and they share an emotional kiss. The American Millennial and Noah Kentis-directed clip is shot perfectly to elicit the same emotions the song does. Check it out.

SVIIB is out now on Vagrant.