Kwesi Foraes – “Devils Child” (Stereogum Premiere)

Singer-songwriter Kwesi Foraes is deeply rooted in the traditional music forms of R&B, folk, and rock. He has a subdued retro feel buried under a powerful voice and visceral writing. His commanding intensity unfortunately comes from a dark place. Foraes fell into a deep depression following the death of his closest aunt and three additional family members in quick succession within a year. Foraes channeled that trying emotional battle into raw, vulnerable folk. Today, he gives us a window into that dark time in his life with an evocative video for “Devils Child” the first track off of his 27 EP.

“Devils Child” is a bare, tender plea with nothing but deep bass guitar, warm acoustic guitar, and tambourine hits with Foraes showcasing his unique, husky voice. He pleads “baptize me” and “wash me clean” repeatedly in a gentle, but intensely visceral tone to extend a guiding hand through the harrowing melancholy on the way to redemption and salvation. Foraes’ face contorts and grimaces, fully consumed by emotion in a captivating black-and-white performance of the song. At the end of the video, this piece from Foraes appears:

And it died within, rotting away until its last breath holding on to tears made of soot, bury it deep within in me and give spirit to that which has died. For it remains alive with those of m blood who never passed over. With peace wanting that was never received. They cry and wail from an endless maelstrom. You run from all realms physical knowing that hose lies one cannot see is true and certain to come and roam passed the 3rd DIM for eternity inside. The Devils Child.

Watch below, and prepare to be moved.

The 27 EP is out 4/29.

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