Matt “MV” Valentine – “Before It’s Gone” (Stereogum Premiere)

Matt Valentine, the “MV” in cult-favorite Vermont psych duo MV & EE, is releasing a new solo album called Blazing Grace next week. Judging from the sounds of “Before It’s Gone,” the album will be killer. Bolstered by a cast of side players including J Mascis, Marc “Spanish Wolfman” Wolf, Jeremy Early, Mick Flower, and Pete Nolan, the song is an hallucinogenic roots-rock groove — like Neil Young floating into space or the Flaming Lips brought back down to ground. Mascis provides his trademark loping guitar, lending a pleasingly haphazard quality to a shimmering mirage of a song. Listen below.

Blazing Grace is out 3/14 on Lag Time/Child Of Microtones. Get more info here.