Big Deal – “Say Yes”

London’s Big Deal will release their new album, Say Yes, the followup to their solid sophomore effort, 2013’s June Gloom, this summer. To kick things off, they’ve shared a big, soaring return in the form of the title track. Shoegazing guitars, big drums with crashing cymbals, and bold harmonies display a confidence that hadn’t fully evolved on their previous efforts. The lyrics are much more personal and vulnerable on this first peek at the album. The band had this to say about their new direction:

We’ve always been pretty private about our relationship within the band, but feel more comfortable talking about it for this record, as it’s pivotal in the placement of our career. It’s about taking all kinds of heartbreak and defeat, and just looking at it dead in the eye and going for it.

The immensity of the hook and elevated energy throughout the track make the perfect platform for the band to open up in a way they haven’t before, and that makes the song very hard not to relate to. Check it out.

01 “Hold Your Fire”
02 “Avalanche”
03 “Say Yes”
04 “Saccharine”
05 “Lux”
06 “Veronica”
07 “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.”
08 “Kitty Pride”
09 “Still My Dream”
10 “Don’t Forget”
11 “Idyllwild”














Say Yes is out 6/10 via Fat Cat. Pre-order is available here.

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