John Doe – “Go Baby Go” (Feat. Debbie Harry) (Stereogum Premiere)

John Doe – “Go Baby Go” (Feat. Debbie Harry) (Stereogum Premiere)

The mighty — and still active — LA band X is one of the most underrated reference points for today’s underground, DIY punk music. You can hear the dregs of their 1980 album Los Angeles in dozens of contemporary releases: joint harmonies; fast and furious, minimalist song structures; lofty metaphors swiftly reversed into punchlines. One of X’s co-founders, John Doe, will release a new solo album in April titled The Westerner, and it will feature guest appearances from Chan Marshall, Cindy Wasserman, and Tom Brosseau. Its debut single, “Go Baby Go” features vocals from none other than Blondie’s Debbie Harry. Doe provides a succinct, absurdist summary of the track:

Hummingbirds are like fierce & tiny jet planes. Love should be freedom. Debbie Harry is a goddess!

Doe’s voice caves to Harry’s with the same familiar push-and-pull he shares with Exene Cervenka. Listen to “Go Baby Go” and check out The Westerner’s tracklist below.

The Westerner tracklist:

01 “Get On Board”
02 “Sunlight”
03 “A Little Help (Feat. Chan Marshall)”
04 “My Darling, Blue Skies”
05 “Go Baby Go (Feat. Debbie Harry)”
06 “Alone In Arizona”
07 “Sweet Reward”
08 “Drink Of Water”
09 “The Other Shoe”
10 “Rising Sun”

The Westerner is out 4/29 via Cool Rock Records/Thirty Tigers.

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