Lontalius – “I Was More Than”

Young New Zealand singer-songwriter Eddie Johnston provides you with so many reasons to hate on him. He’s in the last year of his teens but already has two projects to his name: Lontalius and Race Banyon. He built a buzz on YouTube and gained some high-profile co-signs from Lorde and Troye Sivan and a deal with Partisan Records for his bare, melancholy reflections. So he’s already done more than most people haven’t done with decades of their lives. Then he names his upcoming album I’ll Forget 17 as if he isn’t killing shit. Initially I wanted to shake him by the shoulders and tell him most people want to forget 17-25 at least, but then I heard the music. Early singles “Glow” and “It’s Not Love” displayed a maturity that evades your normal emo teen, and they were also just undeniably pretty.

Today, Johnston shares another dose of beautiful gloom with “I Was More Than.” His deadpan delivery makes his penetrating lyrics cut sharply through dreamy synths and rhythmic guitar strokes to signal a wisdom beyond his years as navigates this thing called life. I’ll Forget 17 is shaping up quite nicely. Check out “I Was More Than” below.

I’ll Forget 17 is out 3/25 on Partisan. Pre-order it on MP3, CD, or LP.

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