Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Agree On One Thing (Adele)

Politics, am I right?! In this heated campaign climate, it’s hard to find any common ground, but Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can agree on at least one thing: Adele!

In a new interview with SiriusXM, Clinton was asked what she would play if she had her own radio show and she answered as such: “I’m currently into Adele, that is my go-to voice. I have such a huge admiration for her skills, her ability, and her personality.” She also name-dropped Sheryl Crow and mentioned an affinity for classical music.

Trump is also an Adele fan, though Adele is not a fan of his: He started to use her Bond theme “Skyfall” at a number of rallies last fall, but was shut down by the British singer, who said she wouldn’t give him permission to play her music.

Do you think they both bought 25? Maybe at the same Barnes & Noble?

Listen to Clinton’s music favs below.

Former Republic hopeful Mike Huckabee was also a fan?

Mike Huckabee's #Adele parody is probably not going to help him in Iowa.

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Ted Cruz has not endorsed Adele (yet):

Is #TedCruz's favorite musician Father John Misty? We may never know. [📹: HeadCount.org]

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