Blake Babies Crowdfund Earwig Demos Release; Hear “Take Me Take Me”

Blake Babies Crowdfund Earwig Demos Release; Hear “Take Me Take Me”

In 1988, Blake Babies recorded a series of demos in Cambridge, MA that would become their 1989 debut album Earwig. The masters were shelved and never revisited until last year, when the band decided that they wanted to re-package them into a new release. Blake Babies set up a Pledge Music campaign to fund a vinyl pressing of the newly remixed and remastered Earwig Demos. There are 40 days left of the campaign, and today the band shared “Take Me Take Me” by way of a lengthy feature on the Talkhouse written by the Blake Babies’ drummer and co-founder Freda Love Smith. It’s a lovely, nostalgic piece that encapsulates the sense of excitement you get when a new creative project takes off. Here’s an excerpt:

I thought that spending time with the Earwig demos might ignite a wave of memory and nostalgia in me. That did not happen. In fact, I couldn’t initially recall many details of their making. I relied on a phone call with John for the basic facts (I’d even forgotten that we recorded at Fort Apache). He has an incredible memory, and he filled me in. I called Juliana to see if she had any of her own memories to contribute.

“I don’t remember anything,” she said. “Where did we record them?”

I relayed to her everything John had just told me.

“I do remember,” she offered, “that we cared a lot about what we were doing.”

Listen to “Take Me Take Me” below.

The Earwig Demos campaign will be over in 40 days. Pre-order a copy here.

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