Jean-Michel Jarre & Peaches – “What You Want”

French synth sculptor Jean-Michel Jarre has had the collaborative juices flowing lately. Last fall’s Electronica 1 featured the likes of Laurie Anderson, Pete Townshend, Fuck Buttons, Little Boots, Moby, Boys Noize, Vince Clark, Lang Lang, and more. On his latest share, “What You Want,” he gets help from Canada’s delightfully raunchy electropop star Peaches. Perhaps a leftover from the last album or a sign of things to come, “What You Want” is fun and seductive, with Peaches taking on borderline rap cadences on the hook to pose the provocative questions “What you want?/ What you got?/ What you need?” While she sizes up her suitor with lines like “Watching you quiver with weakening knee,” Jarre ramps up the lyrics with siren-like synths, big drums, and a humongous rhythmic energy that makes Peaches seem untouchable, maybe even unapproachable. Check it out.

Also, Peaches was on The Nightly Show last night. Watch her discuss Kim Kardshian-West’s decision to post a nude selfie on Twitter: