Stream Public Memory Wuthering Drum

Stream Public Memory Wuthering Drum

As many Brooklyn musicians do these days, ERAAS’ Robert Toher moved to LA and reinvented himself. His latest guise is Public Memory, whose debut album Wuthering Drum arrives this Friday. It’s an impressive collection of foggy, beat-driven dissonance that draws from krautrock, trip-hop, ambient electronics, and a wide array of bleary head-trip music. Yet for all the longing and discomfort at the core of this album, Toher delivers his quivering warbles with an understated confidence, as if he’s aware of how good he’s gotten at painting in greyscale. It’s gorgeous stuff that reminds me of warmer, hazier version of Thom Yorke’s solo work. A press release offers some intriguing background on the project:

There is a slightly religious or spiritual element at Wuthering Drum’s core; a sense of being in an existential crisis, while simultaneously being uplifted, in the face of change. The focus is on a kind of renewal, but not in the New Age, aggressively positive sense. This is the search for redemption in a far away place, away from comfort; it is adjustment to an inner dissonance, rather than the washing over of past fears and regrets with sterile holy waters.

We’ve posted “Lunar,” “Ringleader,” and “Zig Zag.” Now stream all of Wuthering Drum below.

Wuthering Drum is out 3/18 on felte. Pre-order it here. Public Memory will play the felte + Part Time Punks showcase at SXSW; they’re performing at 8PM this Tuesday at Barracuda. Get more details here.

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