Prince’s Ex-Wife Is Auctioning Off Her Engagement Ring

Even among his pop-deity peers, Prince is notoriously private. So it’s weird to think that anyone with enough money can own a few pieces of his actual life. But that’s what’s happening, as a few of Prince’s former associates, including his first wife Mayte Garcia, are selling some Prince-related artifacts at auction.

As The Guardian reports, Garcia is joining former Prince manager Owen Husney and guitarist Dez Dickerson in auctioning off their prized Princely possessions. Garcia is selling her diamond engagement ring and her handwritten marriage-proposal letter, which are available together for an opening bid of $100,000. She’s also selling dishes from their wedding.

Meanwhile, Dickerson is selling a pair of demo tapes made in the late ’70s. Also up for sale: a number of items of Prince’s clothing, including stage-worn outfits and the diamond necklace that Prince wore when he met Prince Charles. They’re all being offered by Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles, and if you’re so inclined, you can browse through the wares here.

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