Greater Pyrenees – “Homemade Blood” (Stereogum Premiere)

With his old group Colour Revolt (who were an OG band to watch back in 2006), Sean Kirkpatrick made the kind of emotive and cathartic rock music that, while influenced by the band’s Mississippi roots, never really got all that rootsy. Greater Pyrenees, Kirkpatrick’s new project, sees him tapping into that softer side while still holding onto enough of a backbone to pivot around those dramatic climaxes.

“This is the record I always wanted to make. It represents the spectrum of my music interests like no other recording I have done,” Kirkpatrick explains of Greater Pyrenees, the band’s upcoming self-titled debut, which is being put out on Brand New’s Procrastinate! Music Traitors label, the first non-BN material to be released through it. “No song seems to occupy the same emotional space or seems to step on another’s toes. Yet it all seems to deal with the concept of reaching that point in your life when you realize life is not going to turn out the way you expected it to be. A life that leads to as many surprises as there are disappointments. Listening back to the record. I realized I probably learned the most about myself during that time between leaving my prior band and starting this new music endeavor.”

“Homemade Blood,” the record’s lead single, is a dust-swept and burnished piece of folk-rock. Kirkpatrick sings with a resilience and wistfulness that can only build with time. It’s both a bootstrapping call-to-arms (“We will not give up”) and a sigh that suggests maybe the fight has gone on too long. Listen below.

Tour Dates:
03/26 Chattanooga, TN @ The Woodshop
03/27 Durham, NC @ The Pinhook
03/28 Annapolis, MD @ Metropolitan
04/03 Charlottesville, VA @ House Show
04/05 Nashville, TN @ Dino’s

Greater Pyrenees is out 4/15 via Procrastinate! Music Traitors.