Tink – “Home”

Double threat R&B singer/rapper Tink is back with another one-off that may turn into a single for the delayed ThinkTink. Her easy shift from sensual, delicate R&B vocals to hard, lyrical raps on different tracks, and often within tracks, makes her a formidable artist. Today, she indulges her softer side on “Home.” She not talking about her hometown of Chicago. She’s vulnerably admitting that she’s been single for what she feels is way too long and is looking for the comfort and stability a good relationship can provide. It’s a simple song, but her feathery voice with mixed with guttural bursts of feeling elicit strong, relatable sentiments. Dr3amForever lays the feathery, synthed-out, bell-tinging beat like sensual rose pedals for Tink’s dreamy vocals to rest upon. To me, she is at her best when she gets away from Timbaland and the Aaliyah comparisons so she can do her own thing, and this track is a great example of that. Check it out.

Still no word on a release date for ThinkTink.