Madonna Exposed A Fan’s Breast Onstage In Brisbane Tonight

Madonna’s current tour in Australia is, uh, not going so well. She kicked things off last week with a bizarre performance in which she told bad jokes and rode around on a tricycle while dressed as a clown, and rumors started circulating that she was drunk and/or high during the show (which she denies). Last night, she pissed off fans by showing up over two hours late to her own concert and giving another messy performance, doing a shot onstage (which she claims was just water) and stumbling around. This string of erratic behavior continued tonight, as TMZ reports that Madonna brought a woman from the audience up onto the stage, complimented her body, and proceeded to pull down her top, exposing her bare breast to thousands of people. The 17-year-old (!) fan doesn’t seem too bothered, but it should go without saying that this is a very fucked up thing to do to someone (and also a crime). Madonna immediately responded by saying, “Oh shit. I am so sorry, sexual harassment. You can do the same to me if you’d like…you want to make my hole big again?” Watch footage of the incident in question below.

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