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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This is the week when the music business basically shuts down so all the label execs and publicists and bands and critics can go down to Austin and get drunk together. Historically, it’s been a shit week for things like music videos, since who releases things during a week like this? This week, though, that logic did not apply. There were some truly absorbing videos this week, and five of them are below.

5. Massive Attack – “Ritual Sprit” (Feat. Azekel) (Dir. Robert Del Naja & Medium)

Massive Attack are on a really great run of new videos, and when you’re on a great run, you figure things out. Things like this: “If we’ve got Kate Moss spinning a lightbulb in the dark for four minutes, maybe we don’t need anything else.”

4. The Last Shadow Puppets – “Aviation” (Dir. Saam Farahmand)

Here’s a fun thing to think about: How did the Last Shadow Puppets piss off these mob guys enough to get them into this situation? Did they sexually harass the wrong music journalist?

3. Andrew Bird – “Left Handed Kisses” (Feat. Fiona Apple) (Dir. Philip Andelman)

Fiona Apple’s angrily-striking-a-bell face is my new favorite thing.

2. Rae Sremmurd – “By Chance” (Dir. Max & Mike Will Made-It)

Rae Sremmurd did it. They found a beach where the lifeguards won’t chase you off the moment the first raindrop lands.

1. Slayer – “You Against You” (Dir. BJ McDonnell)

If you put dick-stabbings and plane-crash wreckage into your Slayer video, there is a 500% chance that video will finds its way to the top of this list.