Axl Rose Confirms Full GN’R Tour To Atlanta Fan

We already know that Guns N’ Roses are reuniting to headline Coachella and perform a handful of shows in Las Vegas and Mexico City. Rumors of an entire headlining tour have been swirling around for months, with Billboard reporting that the band will play “as many as 25 football stadiums in North America in the summer of 2016.” But we haven’t gotten any official confirmation — until now, sort of.

GN’R frontman Axl Rose ran into a fan named Mark Guglielmo outside of an Atlanta Hotel photo yesterday, as Alternative Nation points out, and after taking a photo (which you can see at the top of this post), the guy wished Rose luck at the upcoming reunion shows in Las Vegas and California. To which Rose reportedly responded, “Thanks man, but we’re gonna do a whole tour.”

But don’t worry — that’s not the only revelation to come from this encounter! Guglielmo also commented on Instagram, “I don’t want to speculate or spread rumors but it really looked like he’s been working out a lot. His arms looked muscular.” So there you have it! Guns N’ Roses are going on tour, and Rose is looking ripped. What more could you possibly want to know, aside from when will Axl burn that outfit?