Steve Mason – “Alive” Video

The former Beta Band frontman Steve Mason released a new album called Meet The Humans last month, and his new video for the strummy, swirling “Alive” dropped this morning. Like his clip for “Planet Sizes,” it’s an animated video with an allegorical bent to it. This one takes place in a pixelated world that looks like a King’s Quest-era computer game, and in this world, we all have floating monster heads living with us and tormenting with us. Mason is the rare messianic figure with glasses that allow people to see the true nature of these monster heads, and you can think of this video, from director Rok Predin, as a deeply twee version of John Carpenter’s They Live. Of course, any version of They Live is a good thing to have in your life, and you can and should watch the “Alive” video below.

Meet The Humans is out now on Domino.