Novelty Daughter – “Not Fair”

Novelty Daughter’s debut full-length, Semigoddess, comes out at the end of this week, and every single we’ve heard from it so far — “Day Of Inner Fervor,” “Shellbody,” and now “Not Fair” — has been about how identity can be our most confining prison and also our only means of escape and self-expression. “How could I ever be someone who constantly changes, and also knows who she used to be?” Faith Harding asks over a cerebral backdrop that echoes her confusion. “Not fair. Who has the energy?” Later, she laments: “Only when I am not thinking about I do I ever really feel free,” a freeing notion that still unfortunately requires some level of introspection. It’s impossible to run away from yourself without giving up everything in the process. Listen via The Fader below.

Semigoddess is out 3/25 via Stereocure. Pre-order it on iTunes here.