Diplo To Zedd: You Ripped Off Flume … Also I Fucked Your Girl

Diplo To Zedd: You Ripped Off Flume … Also I Fucked Your Girl

This beef has kind been half-cooked for some time now as Diplo had been the only one popping off at the mouth, but today both he and Zedd took to Twitter to make it official. Things hadn’t always been heated between the two producers as Diplo took a picture hugging Zedd and pretty much confirmed that Zedd and Selena Gomez were dating just last year. Then just a few months later, Diplo said that Zedd’s True Colors was a pile of poop emoji.

Tonight the super-producer and Mad Decent head took his critique even further by calling Zedd and Aloe Blacc’s new EDM M&M’s jingle a “fake flume drop.” Then Diplo got a bit more personal with a complidiss that referred to the “I Want You To Know” writer as a “young rich and great musician” before calling him a pompous cornball loser and claiming “I fucked your girl.” Zedd came back with some heat of his own before correcting Diplo’s grammar. I guess it’s not all love on Twitter on its 10th birthday. See the tweets below.

Both should consult Kanye on how to properly ether someone on Twitter.

UPDATE: Looks like Deadmau5 didn’t wanna be left out…

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